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This stud conversion service allows you to convert your FG (firm ground) or AG (artificial ground) boots into a mixed SG (soft ground) soleplate.

Used by many of our top professional clients, it is a brilliant option for any player who is struggling to find a certain boot in SG.

The service will include 12 Studs (6 for each boot) for your boots (see note ***)

The studs will be completely interchangeable which means the studs can be unscrewed just like any regular SG boot.


* If this service is ordered WITHOUT a pair of our boots, we will contact you to arrange the delivery of your own boots to our workshop

** If this service is ordered WITH a pair of our boots, please expect a minimum of 3 working days until your order is converted and shipped out to you

*** We will assume that all orders would like the 2 rear studs replacing along with 4 of the front studs. If you have any special preferences, please don't hesitate to contact us via the email

You should know...

These boots have undergone a thorough inspection of quality, functionality and condition to determine the level of condition.

They have also been checked to ensure authenticity and are 100% genuine.

We are a reseller, not a manufacturer and therefore unable to hold responsibility for the performance, durability or longevity of the boots. 

We recommend checking reviews of all boots and the surfaces they can be used on prior to purchase as we are unable to give refunds once used.