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Our Professional Studs are the same specification to the studs used by elite professionals at the very highest level and provide the lockdown needed to play at any level

Please note these studs fit ALL boots APART FROM most Adidas boots. The studs will fit in Adidas World Cup's and Kaiser boots by Adidas.

The studs are available in 11mm & 13mm lengths. They will be sold in the following arrangements:

  • 8x 11mm & 4x 13mm
  • FREE Stud Wrench with each order

Please email for any further details or photos


You should know...

These boots have undergone a thorough inspection of quality, functionality and condition to determine the level of condition.

They have also been checked to ensure authenticity and are 100% genuine.

We are a reseller, not a manufacturer and therefore unable to hold responsibility for the performance, durability or longevity of the boots. 

We recommend checking reviews of all boots and the surfaces they can be used on prior to purchase as we are unable to give refunds once used.